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Competitive Team

The Flying Angels Competitive Team program prepares athletes to compete at high-level local, national, and international track meets. Athletes in this program have an option to travel to track meets throughout Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.


Training Sessions

Competitive team members participate in group training sessions 2-3 days per week. Athletes receive training in sprints, hurdles, distance, jumps, and/or throws at most of the locations.


Participants compete in local, national, and international track meets.   Participants travel to competitions throughout Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.  Athletes travel with the team or with their parents and stay at the team hotel for each trip.  There is an additional cost for the trips and the trips are optional for each athlete to attend.


Participants must purchase the Competitive Team uniform kit.  The kit contains a racing speedsuit (or racing jersey and racing shorts), tracksuit, sweat top, sweat pants, performance warm up top, and t-shirt.

The kit price is $325

Athletes are required to wear their uniform to practices and track meets. The training uniform items include the t-shirt (or performance warm up), sweat top and sweat pants. The items that must be worn to competitions include the tracksuit, performance top, and speedsuit (or racing jersey/racing shorts).

Program Price

6 months                       - $550

12 months                      - $1000

Facility Fees

Each location has a facility fee that must be paid in addition to the membership fee by each athlete.  Review the training location information to see the facility fee for each location.

Training Days

Select the "Locations" tab to see the training locations, days, and times.

Team Handbook

Ensure you read the Flying Angels Team Handbook to learn about the team's policies and procedures prior to registering for the program. 

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