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Team Handbook

Please read the Team Handbook to learn more about the team's policies and procedures.



All applicants must complete the online registration form and pay the registration fee prior to training with the club. Applicants may pay online using their credit card (small fee applies) or by cheque. They may also pay by e-transfer by sending an email to There is no cash payment option available. Select the “OTHER METHODS” link on the payment page and then the “BY CHEQUE” option if you are paying by cheque or E-Transfer.

Tryout Sessions

New prospects are encouraged to select the one week or one-month General Track and Field Training program option if they are unsure if they want to commit to three or more months of training with the club.

Facility Fees

The owners of the training facilities used by Flying Angels usually charge a fee for club members to use the facility. Some of the facilities charge the members directly, while others charge the club for the use of a training slot. Participants are responsible for paying the facility charges, whether the facility bills the members directly or invoices the club separately. Please check the Training Locations section on the website to see the facility charges for each location.

Family Discount

Parents who register more than one child in the program at the same time receive a $25 discount for the second or third child. Enter the Promo Code: FAMILY when completing the online form to receive the discount.

Financial Aid

Canadian Tire Jumpstart and Kidsport Ontario are two outside agencies that provide financial assistance to help children pay the registration fee to participate in organized sports. 


Contact both Canadian Tire Jumpstart and Kidsport Ontario directly for more information on their application process. 


Apply early (minimum 45 days before the program start date) to avoid disappointment.


The funding cheque may only be applied towards the registration fee and uniform items.


Members whose funding cheque arrives after they have paid the registration fee will have the cheque applied to the season that immediately follows the completion of the current season.


There is no refund for membership fees paid prior to the arrival of the funding cheque.  There is no refund for participants who do not use their financial aid grants before December 31, of the current year.


Financial Aid Funding Agencies Contact

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Website: (click on the Apply button)


Kidsport Ontario

Website: (click on Apply for Assistance button)


Payment Plan

Payment plan requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.  Please speak to the Team Manager about a payment plan when registering. 

Please keep in mind when discussing a payment plan that fees must be paid in full before an athlete may participate in any competitions.

NSF Cheques

There is a $40 service fee charged for each N.S.F. cheque written to the club. Membership privileges are suspended until the original cheque is replaced and the service fee has been paid.


There are no refunds for registration fees, facility fees, or uniform purchases once the athlete begins the program. (please select the one week or  one month general track and field training if you are not sure if you want to commit to three or more months of training with the club.)


All Flying Angels members must have a team uniform kit.  Athletes must wear the club uniform to all practices and competitions. 


New members must purchase a uniform kit.  Returning athletes may purchase individual items needed for their kit.


How to Purchase the Uniform Kit

Select the uniform kit when completing the online registration form.

You may also select the uniform kit using the Online Store tab on the website.

Pay online using your credit card or on-site using a cheque.  You may also email an E-Transfer to

Start Dates

Flying Angels athletes train year-round.  However, athletes are not required to commit for the entire year.  New members may start at any time during the year. 


Program members may take part in the optional Team Fundraiser.

Members who successfully participate in the club’s raffle fundraiser receive a $100 discount off their registration fee.


Participants must sell a book of 10 raffle tickets to successfully complete the fundraiser. 


Bring a fundraiser deposit cheque, post dated for three weeks after the registration date and give it to the team manager at the first practice.  The cheque is returned at the end of the three week period if the athlete completes their fundraising duty.


The raffle grand prize draw takes place on or around september 1st of each year. 

Use the promo code: RAFFLE when completing the online registration form to receive the $100 discount. 


Use the promo code: FAMILYRAFFLE2 if you are participating in the raffle AND have two children in the club.


Use the promo code: FAMILYRAFFLE3 if you are participating in the raffle AND have three children in the club.


Members are encouraged to volunteer or recruit someone to volunteer for them at a minimum of two Flying Angels track meets/events or serve on a committee. Other duties are available from time to time that the volunteer may perform. The Volunteer Coordinator will email a list of volunteer duties throughout the year that members can sign up for.


There are incentives to volunteering, from membership discounts to complimentary t-shirts, and free entry to events.


The coaches determine the track meets and the events each athlete competes in. The athlete (or parent) must confirm their availability on TeamlnkT for each meet they are eligible to compete in.


The club has established performance standards for some track meets. Flying Angels athletes who have attained the standards are encouraged to participate in these meets. Athletes who don’t achieve the standards may participate in the meet, but they are required to pay the meet entry fee.

Athletics Ontario Membership

Athletes who wish to compete in Athletics Ontario (AO) meets must also register with AO via the website and pay the Athletics Ontario membership fee.

Competition No Shows

Athletes who confirm their availability to participate and are entered into the meet must attend the meet and compete in the events they are entered in.

Athletes who are entered, but fail to compete in the events they are entered in must repay the entry fee to the club before they are entered into another track meet.

Program Prices

Program prices are listed on the website. The club reserves the right to change prices without notice.

Additional Meet Fees

The club may charge fees to help offset the additional costs associated with some meets they plan to attend.


The policies and procedures in this handbook may change without notice.


Revised August 15, 2021

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